iCADMac : OSX version of progeCAD

As announced on http://news.progesoft.com/?eng&p=123, the Italian developer progeSOFT released iCADMac, which is a version of progeCAD to OSX.

According to http://www.deelip.com/?p=5389, this is a branded version of ARES from Graebert.

I don't really like the name of the product, but do try it out if you are looking for an alternative drawing software on OSX.

I don't fully agree with their wordings of it being the "first real AutoCAD alternative for the Apple Mac OSX", since I already talked about other offerings, such as DraftSight, CADUntu and ARES and even AutoCAD itself.

That said, competition is welcomed and while VectorWorks and ArchiCAD and AutoCAD are the "big" applications on OSX to beat, there is room for more.

(edited: with link to deelip.com for more info)


  1. Not exactly port to Mac but too close to quibble... Free 30-day trial downloads: http://iCADMac.us

    Dwg with "AutoCAD Like" commands and GUI for a fraction of the cost.


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