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123D apps from Autodesk > Create, Make and Play

Autodesk is hard at work trying to stimulate the creator in all of us. They are re-branding some of their previous applications into a suite of tools aimed at the creator and maker. 123D Catch : turn images into 3D objects Previously known as "Project Photofly" on the Autodesk Labs and discussed in  this is a Windows application to turn a series of photographs, taken with a regular digital camera, into a 3D model, automatically. It requires an online connection, as the processing of the images happens on the Autodesk servers. Beware: I have installed it in a virtual Windows XP on Parallels, but I had to take care to use a local path (e.g. C:\Temp) to ensure proper uploading. The My Documents folder which was linked to my actual Documents folder in OSX was not usable as such. You can export the 3D model in e.g. FBX format for use in other applications. 123D Make : turn 3D objects into