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About Classification and Properties in BIM

Introduction When Manufacturers create custom objects for use in BIM software, they often want to embed as much relevant information as possible into the objects. In BIM-software such as ARCHICAD or Revit, you can do this fairly easy: ARCHICAD supports Custom Properties and Revit has Project or Shared Parameters. The basic concept is more or less the same: you define a property set and individual properties inside the set, with a data type and possibly default value. To make these properties available for the user to enter, you can attach them to an element category (like wall, slab, beam, window). So far so good... The problem However... a category applies to ALL instances of elements of that category. Every single element will gain the properties assigned to the element category. So if you start loading manufacturer objects for e.g. doors, every single door will gain these new properties... even those for which this is not relevant. Managing Properties inside Autodesk Revit