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Having fun with Unity and PlayMaker

While I normally post on architectural CAD, BIM and visualisation, this post will show you a more playful endeavour: making a small Game. Udemy Learning Platform I've started migrating my tutorial videos to the Udemy platform instead of Youtube playlists, as they allow a more structured and focused learning experience. Whenever you engage in a course, you have access to it forever. They also have mobile clients, so you can watch on your iPad and work on your computer at the same time, if you want. The mobile app can even download videos for offline viewing or play them at a higher speed. Game Mechanics Last week, I released my first actual game-oriented course. It is a small clone of a Flappy Thingy, but only focusing on the game mechanics: moving things, reacting on collisions and keeping track of a score. I completely skip the actual game art, the textures, the sounds and effects, as I think that if you are making such a game, you'd better tweak it completely so it doesn'