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Showing posts from August, 2006

GimpShop - Free alternative to Photoshop

At you can download the GIMPshop, which is a modified version of the GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program. The GIMPshop version is meant to be more familiar to Photoshop users and is available, free and with sources, for all major platforms: Windows, MacOSX, Linux and even Solaris. If you don't have the budget for Photoshop or even the smaller, but very usable Photoshop Elements, you can try to see if this program fits your needs.

Free student version of ArchiCAD 10

At you can register and download the free student version of the newly released ArchiCAD 10 (for PC and Mac). It is identical to the commercial version, but the files and prints are watermarked. And you can only use it for learning purposes.

Moment of Inspiration 3D CAD Modeling

At you can download a free beta version of an upcoming 3D CAD modeling application, by a former Rhino programmer. It has a very pleasing, almost artistic interface and seems to work fine. The software is a beta-version, with an expiration date, but it will be able to save the files you create in the OpenNURBS format. It has been called "SketchUp for MCAD" in the upFront.eZine newsletter.

PowerSHAPE-e - free CAD software

At you can get a full, free CAD design application from DELCAM. What is the catch? You can model and save at will, but to export the file into a common CAD format, you need to pay for the conversion. So as long as you want to learn and can afford to stay inside this application, it stays free.

Autodesk Labs

At you can freely download some of the new Autodesk programs, before they are released. It is some kind of public beta-testing program. At the moment, you can access: - Autodesk Vault Mirror Beta - Project Freewheel Technology Preview - Google Earth Extension Beta - Autodesk DGNV8 Translator Beta but expect new programs to enter the labs.