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Many free video tutorials released (in Dutch...)

Motivation I have worked literally day and night on a expanding series of video tutorials. They are made as part of my teaching assignment at KU Leuven and are meant for our students of Architecture Engineering to replace to a large extent that traditional class-room based sessions. Partly out of necessity, as it becomes harder and harder to support large groups of students and partly out of didactic motivation, as the speed with which students learn CAD and 3D software differs widely. For some, it is always too fast in a class setting, so they give up and start entering Facebook or messaging on their cellphone. For others, they are frustrated as they are already ahead of the explanation, exploring other tools. The actual tutorials So here is the full YouTube page where I'll post all current and future video's in separate playlists. stefkeB - all YouTube video playlists At the time of writing, there are videos about  ArchiCAD (3 series), AutoCAD (2D basics), SketchUp