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About learning in class, versus learning from books, ebooks and video tutorials

In learning any type of skill, knowledge or technology, classes and books still seem the prevalent option. Here is a personal reflection on how I learned throughout the years. Classes Class-based learning is often the first choice in schools and universities. I'm not going through all the advantages or disadvantages. But I want to reflect on why class-based learning has stopped working for me to learn software and technology skills. I am mostly self-taught for CAD or BIM skills. I did have a basic cours during my student years at the school of architecture-engineering at KU Leuven in Belgium, where I still work at this moment. However, when I learnt that we would be introduced to CAAD in our fourth year I started during the summer to learn it myself. We are talking 1994, when AutoCAD 12 was running on MS DOS and the first windows versions became available. My father bought me a Sybex book on AutoCAD 12 which I studied in detail. The classes were still interesting, but more to