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Revit: Project Spark – quick overview

Revit: Project Spark – quick overview : So what is Project Spark? Essentially Spark, is a cut down version of Revit, a sort of Revit LT or beginner’s version. Some probably though... I was hoping to talk a bit about Project Spark , but found the review in the autodesk-revit blog to be complete and quite detailed, so I advice to read it there first (and then come back to comment if you want). Autodesk is quite active in providing new Lab projects and also launched several new products recently in the Mac App Store and in the iTunes App Store (for iOS devices). This product is a free, limited version, based on Revit 2012. It provides a subset of what you can do inside Revit, while having enough limitations that it won't interfere with license sales of Revit. You can use it for modeling, but not for rendering or analysis. FBX export does allow you to link it to external rendering software DWG import/export is also good to have. Could it replace AutoCAD in some offices? No ma

Working in the cloud with free software

This post comments briefly on some of the "cloud"-enabled software utilities that I have started to use more and more. Short definition: these apps will allow you to work from different computers or devices on your data, yet are more optimized and user-friendly than a web page, despite the javascript goodness that seems to flood many new "organizer" and "authoring" and "managing" projects. I'll discuss Dropbox , Evernote , Skitch and Mendeley Desktop . Not CAD this time, but usable and free utilities that I have start to rely on, almost every day. Dropbox ( register using this link to give you and me some more space ) This one is quite popular. You want to access your files from different places and possibly share them with others. Dropbox provides a free 2GB (with some more to obtain when referring others) to host your files. Files are synced, you can work offline, you can have a local folder on your computer (Windows, OSX, Linux)