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Lumina, Open Source GLSL editor

Lumina is an Open Source editor for the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL). It is using Qt from Nokia (formerly Trolltech). It should work on Windows, OSX and Linux. I have downloaded the sources and with some editing , I was able to compile in with Visual Studio 2005. I believe it was written to use the gcc-compiler.


Equinox3D is a free 3D modeling, rendering and animation application, slightly inspired by the old Softimage|3D. It has some nice rendering features, directly in the viewports. It is available for Linux and Intel Macs.

Open Source Office

On you can download a version of Open Office that was spun of from the regular Open Office. They claim it's faster and more compatible, so it could be worth it if you are hesitating about still buying MS Office. It is available for Linux and Windows, not for OSX.