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Showing posts from March, 2010

Python support for Rhino WIP

The new releases of upcoming Rhino 5.0 WIP (on Windows) and Rhino 4.0 WIP (on Mac) both support Python as an alternative scripting language. This opens up possibilities of cross-platform scripting (Win/OSX/32+64bit) with plain text-based scripts. And if this opens the way to support Grasshopper on the OSX version, I can only encourage this evolution. Switching from RhinoScript (VB.script) should be reasonably straightforward. Some info on and on .

xtra normal - making movies out of scripts or text

I saw this used to announce Python-scripting for Rhino (on OSX and Windows). This is both a webservice and a software tool to quickly assemble a movie with an animated character, which speaks the text you type. The webservice makes it usable directly in the browser, but you have to wait till the movie is rendered on the server. You can customize backgrounds, actors, camera angles, soundtrack... But whenever more people are using it, you will get bored seeing the same scenes again and again. But till then... enjoy.

Visualization and BIM on an urban level: Skape

I don't have a clue yet as to what this precisely is, what it costs, on which platforms it runs or how it can be used alongside your regular tools, but I was amazed by the demo movie. Seems like a combination of Google Earth with detailed 3D models, with GIS and other information (metadata), possibly linked to SketchUp. It seems to be marketed as a service offering, currently focused on UK cities. But it also seems to be a software tool. Not sure if and when it will be available. Realtime 3D urban models, realtime shadows, visualization ... Interesting. Please take a look.

New Max & Maya 2011

As announced on several websites (and as always around this time of the year), Autodesk is starting to launch several new versions of their flagship applications. 3ds Max 2011 screenshots can be seen on New features: node-based material editor, hardware rendering, toxik integration, finally some backward compatibility Maya 2011 screenshots can be seen on New features: Qt-based new interface, more control over timeline and multiple cameras, ... I assume pricing, platforms and product versions stay the same.