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Free Open Beta of Vue Pioneer

When you register for a Cornucopia3D account (the free Vue community site), you can participate in the free Open Beta test for Vue Pioneer, the entry level version of the powerful landscape and environment modeling, rendering and animation software. Versions are available for Windows and OSX, in both 32-bit and 64-bit. Information at . You may keep the full version, but some limitations apply: renderings up to full HD (1920x1080), with a Vue Logo no loading of external models (except when bought from Cornucopia store no commercial usage allowed The first and last are fine for students, but the second makes it impossible to use for architectural designers when modeling in CAD software... so they might as well go to one of the more complete versions.

Open Source Game "Yo Frankie!" released

The Open Source Game "Yo Frankie!" is available now, for Windows, Linux and OSX at . You can download not only the game itself, but (soon) also all resources which have been used to create the game, such as the different applications (most prominently Blender and Crystal Space game engine) with source code but also the artwork, models, textures, animations. If I remember correctly, some aspects such as the music, were not made with Open Source software... since the page from the music author talks about the software in use (Logic Studio, Ableton Live...) and the platforms and that is clearly not Open Source (but the applications are good, I have to say. But this part you usually don't read in the articles.

Shapeshop Free Modeling

Shapeshop is a Windows-only modeling application, for 3D sculpting and sketching. It's not CAD and it's not ZBrush, but it tries to be easy to use. Check You can export models in OBJ, Collada and STL format for use in other applications. Modeling only, so full texturing, rendering and animation is done in other software.