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Getting BIM data into Unity (Part 6 - Popup Info Dialog)

This is part 6 of a series of posts about getting BIM data into Unity. In this post, we’ll discuss how we can display our parsed metadata, which is now attached to our GameObjects, on-screen. Picking objects on screen with Raycasting Unity uses Raycasting , which shoots a finite ray into the scene, as the connecting line between your 3D camera position (your viewpoint) and the point you click on-screen, which can be translated into a 3D position on the viewing plane. That ray can intersect geometry and it will return the item you clicked on, alongside the position and orientation of the hit point. But not every geometry can be “seen” by such a Ray. Preparing geometry for selection To be able to select an object you need two things: geometry to click on and geometry you can see. In most Game Engines, these things are not equal. In Unity, you can have a Mesh component, which carries the Mesh data (vertices, faces). In addition, there is a Mesh Renderer , which ensures the mesh