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Showing posts from September, 2008

Free edition of Quadrispace

As read on tenlinks , Quadrispace has made the Personal Edition of Document3D available. While not as complete as the full package, it might be worth to investigate. Go to Quadrispace Downloads to obtain the software (Windows-only). There are different versions of the software: Pages3D for website documents, 3D PDF, CD-ROMs and executables. Publisher3D has vectorial illustrations and animations Document3D combines all features of the two packages

Esperient 3D visual computing Community Edition

Esperienct Creator is a visual computing system for Windows PCs. They recently launched the free Community Edition, which enables you to see if it works for you. The "free" edition displays a watermark, is not allowing commercial usage and has severe file size limits. These limitations obviously do not apply to the non-free editions.