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10 things you may not know about IFC

This is a short post, to elicit discussion. It was written in the context of IFC-bashing and people insisting that only the use of proprietary data formats gives reliable results. As I’m not the shouting kind, I like to answer in another format… by posting some things I learned about IFC.   The more I study the data scheme, the more I see things I did not know or not understood fully. And I dare to consider myself as an IFC-expert, up to a certain level. Here it goes. These are 10 concepts supported by IFC, but which your BIM-software may not even be capable of interpreting. 1 - Revision Control Each object in an IFC model can evolve continuously over the lifecycle of a project. They can be marked with a Change Action , a TimeStamp and other attributes, captured within the IfcOwnerHistory property. In many BIM-software exporters, only a single Owner History is exported, so this only indicates t