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Getting BIM data into Unity (Part 3 - Exporting a Schedule from ArchiCAD)

This is part 3 of a series of posts about getting BIM data into Unity. In the first two posts, we introduced the basic of getting an ArchiCAD and Revit model into Unity. We hinted on the option of actually parsing more data from Schedules. This is what we’ll discuss in the next few articles. However, beware that this requires some scripting afterwards. Not too complex, but required anyway. We start with ArchiCAD (but Revit will be discussed in a follow-up article, promised). Preparing an ArchiCAD Schedule for use with Unity Basic Objective: We will collect information from our BIM model into a table (schedule) for export. If we add the ID of the element in the first column, we can use that information to map the data from the table to the entity. In ArchiCAD, there are three types of ID to identify individual objects in a project: the ID, the guid and the IFC guid. There are two IDs that are set automatically and over which you don’t get any control. They are g