Design Patterns for Parametric Modeling

While you might have heard about the "Design Patterns" for software programming, as made famous by the book "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software", that have been inspired by the work from Christopher Alexander on the Pattern Language, there is other related work that might be interesting for architectural designers using digital tools.

At first we have the "Elements of Parametric Design", which has Design Patterns for parametric modeling on the site, lead by Prof. Woodburry, where the patterns are illustrated with implementations using Bentley Generative Components.

This is a tremendous and free resource for the 14 patterns that have been identified.

More recently, at they have been mostly translated for Grasshopper.

And based on the previous sites, the Buildz blog mentions the porting of a subset of these patterns implemented using Revit and Project Vasari.

Anyone familiar with ports to other platforms?