Tying Grasshopper to Excel

If you go to http://neoarchaic.net/2010/08/excel-grasshopper/, you can download some Visual Basic components which can be used to link Excel to Grasshopper more efficiently.

These vb Components for Grasshopper, adapted from work by Damian Alamar of www.liquidtectonics.com, allows for the streaming in and out of data from Excel to Grasshopper with parametric control of not only data placement but also general formatting.
If you are a Mac user, it is a bit frightening to hear that the connection of these technologies is tied to a particular platform: Rhino for Windows (Mac version is evolving nicely), Grasshopper to .NET (Mono might be an option, but only after Rhino 5 for Windows is ready will they look at it seriously) and then VBscript, which is also tied to Microsoft libraries.