AutoCAD on MAC or not?

While there is a strange mixture of ignorance, leaking and assumptions, I'm pretty sure many of you would be at least interested to read about the possible porting of AutoCAD to OSX.

This page has some screenshots and screen movies. Fake or not? I'm not sure.

What I do know is that Autodesk has done some surveys asking about the interest of a native OSX version of AutoCAD. While I'm using AutoCAD less and less, it stays one of the main CAD systems in the world and, due to its generic nature, can be used for anything. But for every domain there are more specific and more suitable applications too.

If they do release it, I hope that it is a full AutoCAD and not a crippled AutoCAD LT-mini or an iAutoCAD:
  • 3D support
  • scripting support and SDK support
  • visual and clean interface

In fact, the port of Rhino to OSX comes to mind. They take their time, but do it public and with, so far, very good results. And they started switching to Python for cross-platform scripting, which gives some hope for Grasshopper on OSX in the near/far future.


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