ArchiCAD 14 announced

While I have tried to participate in the beta-testing of ArchiCAD 14, I did not have to time to seriously do anything with it. Luckily, the wait for the rest of the world is mostly over as Graphisoft announced r14 of ArchiCAD.

The focus is on Collaboration, primarily targeting IFC and other file exchange workflow improvements.

On a personal note, most of the long-standing frustrations and limitations still apply to this release. I'm not going to repeat them all here, as not to sound too negative, but I do want to share some of my gripes.

The inconsistency between curtain wall and other tools, the lack of proper intersections between floor slabs and walls (still), not allowing floor slabs to have a slope, the 4 different rendering engines (most of them leftovers from the early days), the lack of radiosity rendering for the LightWorks engine, the lack of reference geometry in the 3D Window, the large list of half-baked features...
Graphisoft is still very innovative, but they seem to lack some of the overall focus to finish their features fully and to really improve the 3D building model.

I agree on improving stability, scaleability, collaboration and improved documentation, but the real improvements on the proper 3D model (capable of getting good 2D drawings out of it) are sorely missing.