Tgi3D : software for modeling from photographs

The software from Tgi3D ( allows you to use photographs, taken with regular cameras, to be used for the creation of 3D models.

There are two products, each in two flavors:

  • Tgi3D SU AMORPH is mainly a set of tools for advanced modeling in SketchUp.
    • view locking > lock vertices in one view and still adjust them in other views
    • generate mesh surfaces from points
    • B├ęzier curves and generating surfaces from curves
    • Smoothing of surfaces, to make them clean and naturally flowing
    • Remeshing and upsampling, usable to make higher-resolution meshes from low-resolution models
    • Model from cross-sections
    • "Idealize" shapes, e.g. making near flat surfaces fully flat
    • There is a free "Training Version" and a non-free full version.

  • Tgi3D SU PHOTOSCAN adds photogrammetry tools to this.
    • It is a standalone software, comparable to Photomodeller, where you mark points on different photographs, that are then used to calibrate camera settings and positions and 3D coordinates.
    • You can then export the model into SketchUp (or VRML and DXF) and use the native PhotoMatch functionality, but already fully prepared from PHOTOSCAN.
    • Inside SketcUP, you get additional tools for matching lines and curves between photographs, using a tool to lock the vertices and still adapt them in other photographs.
    • There is a free 30 day trial and a commercial version.

Tgi3D Calibration and Metrology Tool from Tgi3D on Vimeo.

Currently, only on Windows, but OSX is marked as "soon", whatever that implies.