Rhino.io is a new plug-in, combining Rhinoceros3D and Cinema4D is released. It allows you to transfer models from Rhino to Cinema4D and also update model changes into the Cinema4D scene, even with textures and materials and other visualization techniques applied.

As an improvement of the workflow, this is quite powerful. You can use the NURBS modeling from Rhino and retain the adaptibility of the model. I imagine that it would also allow the Grasshopper generated geometry to be properly rendered, while still staying adjustable.

From the "feature list":
One important aspect, is the update feature: if you have already imported the 3dm file once, and if you change something in Rhino. you can update the file in CINEMA 4D, without the need to load the file new. simply use the merge command, and rhino.io will automatically detect the updated parts and only import them.all materials that have been applied, and no work or changes that have already be done in CINEMA 4D will be lost.

It is not free, but at $99 is not extremely expensive. If you order quick, you get a discount.

More info on Rhino.io.

rhino.io plugin for c4d from Stefan Laub >>VRAYforC4D on Vimeo.

see our our new work rhino.io :-)
in this video i show you how it works, and how you can use it with cinema4d.

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