Updated connection between ArchiCAD and Cinema4D

After a very long time, there is an updated version of the Exchange Plugin, which is a free add-on for ArchiCAD 12 and Cinema4D (R10.5 or 11), for Windows and OSX.

It replaces the deprecated MaxonForm and allows you to combine work from ArchiCAD and Cinema4D in two major ways:
  • render your ArchiCAD project in Cinema4D and update the geometry from ArchiCAD

  • embed freeform Cinema4D geometry as GDL object inside ArchiCAD and even update them again in Cinema4D

There have been long complaints about the combination of both, so I hope they finally got it right with this update.



  1. hello, how are you? are you archicad mania? my name Yudha. i'm from indonesian..

  2. Yudha, I'm less and less active in ArchiCAD, I guess. Any experience with ArchiCAD and Cinema4D combined?

  3. Graphisoft is getting the AC13 plugin ready and invites people to try out the beta-version: http://archicad-talk.graphisoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=29633

    There is also an alternative that is even Open Source: http://dinnye.neobase.hu/content/downloads

    Anybody with some experience about it?


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