Not free, but new: LightWave CORE

Newtek, developer of the popular LightWave 3D modeling, rendering and animation software, will soon release its next generation engine: LightWave CORE.

It will be more expensive (+/- $1500) than current LightWave (+/- $800), with higher subscription pricing (+/- 500), but more open for customization: CSS-based user interface, same Software Developers Kit as internal Newtek team and cross-platform: Windows, OSX and Linux, in 32 and 64-bit.

It uses Qt for the GUI, Python for scripting, C++ for development and Collada as file format (extended, I assume).

It looks like a mixture of modern development, but still in the context of traditional desktop applications, which seems appropriate for animation software.


  1. I'd of prefered NT release LW v10.0 with all of the changes rather then a 2X price increase and a separate product.

  2. but LW files are small compare to maya how


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