Rendering for SketchUp

From but too interesting to just reference. However, I had to make some corrections, such as indicating the free but not Open Source applications.

Commerical Products

Podium,, $178, Direct SketchUp Integration.

IDX Renditioner,, $199, Direct SketchUp Integration, formerly TurboSketch.

Vue 6 xStream,, $695 and up, imports .skp files.

Vue 6 infinite,, $895 and up, imports .skp files.

Piranesi,, $750, non-photorealistic, requires plug-in for SketchUp.

Artlantis,, $795, requires SketchUp exporter plug-in.

Vray for SketchUp,, $799, Direct SketchUp integration.

Maxwell Render,, $995, requires SketchUp exporter plug-in.

FryRender,, $1240, requires plug-in.

Free Products

Indigo,, unbiased renderer, requires SketchUp exporter plug-in. Free, but not Open Source.

Kerkythea,, biased renderer, requires SketchUp exporter plug-in. Free, not Open Source.

POV-Ray,, Requires SketchUp plug-in found at
Free and Open Source.

Other Products of Interest

LuxRender,, open source, high quality unbiased render engine, no direct SketchUp integration, but can be integrated with the open source product Blender.

Sunflow,, open source, high quality biased render engine, no direct SketchUp integration, but can be integrated with Blender.

iClone,, $199, non-photo-realistic animation using SketchUp models.




    Check this web page and see how you can have 3d MAX renders for your SketchUp model.

    Architekturn Design & 3d Render provides render service for worldwide Sketch UP modelers. See the web page for more information. Or simply email your model to for a free estimate ($200 x each Scene is the base price).

  2. I'd like to add HyperShot to the list. HyperShot is a realtime ray tracing application which has a beta plug-in for Sketchup.

    You can see some examples in our gallery here:

    and you can find some info about it at

  3. Check out 3DPaintBrush ( too. It can import sketchUp file and integrated with 3Dwarehouse.

  4. Hello,

    does any render ( appart the beta version from sketchup) can allow quality 3D rendering for web integration?

    thank you julien

  5. Most rendering engines focus on photorealistic rendering and all are adequate for 2D images.

    Currently, 3D exports for web are mostly focussing on Windows-platform, as the systems require the installation of an Internet Explorer ActiveX control.

  6. I notice that you left out IRender nXt and nXtRender.

    These are two of the most popular, fully integrated rendering engines available for SketchUp.

    See: for more information.

  7. sketchup plugin and tool SEARCH Website

  8. Anonymous08 May, 2012

    I stumbled on this new Sketchup render plugin called Raylectron, very easy and yet very powerful!


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