Free procedural Animation: K-3D

At you can download the Open Source K-3D application. While not as extensive as Houdini, it mimics the approach and workflow of the procedural animation toolkit for modeling, rendering and animation.

And the best part: available for Windows, Linux and OSX (when all additional problems are solved).

Everything is set up very flexible: you can use different rendering engines, such as Aqsis and YafRay, you can make networks of interconnected parameters, you get a flexible interface and you can extend it at will. Not bad.


  1. The Mac version is partly functional and is a pain to install, but the Wiki explains all the required steps. You need to have the (free) Apple Developers tools installed to be able to compile the program. It works, but takes a while and does not include all the features from the Linux version.
    And it is not using the Aqua interface.

  2. Thanks for sharing this.


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