Kerkythea Free Rendering

Based on Physical properties for materials and light, the Kerkythea rendering engine seems a promising development, in the small market sector where Maxwell is getting so much attention.

Give it a try. Linux and Windows version are available and there is already integration with 3ds max, Blender and SketchUp.

Edited: see comment... the renderer is not Open Source, but currently free
I have tried the Linux version, but the download did not work on Ubuntu 64-bit -- maybe on 32-bit?


  1. This renderer is not open source.
    It is commercial but just free for now.

  2. It might be good to know that there is no plan to make Kerkythea commercial, but the engine has been used in a comercial renderer called Podium.

    KT is freeware and new version is almost ready to release :)


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