Free version of CoCreate CAD Software

On you can register for a free version of the CoCreate CAD Modeling software (Windows XP or 2000 only). This is a limited version of the commercial software, but almost fully functional. It has a limited amount of parts (60 unique ones per assembly -- is that too little in regular use?) and a non-compatible file format.

In contrast with applications such as SolidWorks or Inventor, it uses a non-history based modeling approach, which makes it conceptually quite different to use. It might work for you or not...


  1. Super Programm und das kostenlos!!!
    Ich habe mein erstes 3D Modell nach 2 Stunden erstellt.

  2. This software got my attention because it is a free offer. But beyond that I have to state that there is nothing else in the world of 3D CAD that is as simple to learn as CoCreate's Personal Edition. Video Tutorials will quickly ramp you up to your first own 3D model!


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