Populate for 3ds Max : architectural parametric modeling

Some years ago, I was working with ArchiCAD and 3ds Max on a Dell Workstation. I started using the plugins from Marc Lorenz (http://plugins.angstraum.at) to help with it. Now I received a mail (funny how long your "old" registrations survive) announcing Populate (http://populate-3dsmax.com)
Please check it out and try the public beta of Populate, it is a plugin for paneling free form surfaces. I worked on it for over 1 year, I think it turned out quite nice.

Regarding my older plugin scripts, here is a quick status update:

Tree Shop: This one is very popular, but also very old. I plan rewriting it from scratch, using new technology from Populate.

Vray Ambient Occlusion: I'm not sure if it's still useful, and if there is a point in improving it, but I get much feedback on this.

Cubic VR: I started working on a fully featured Pano-tour system for 3dsmax,which would replace this.

The new site looks modern, has nice examples and is titled to focus on "architectural parametric modeling solution for 3ds max".

While I stopped using Max, when I migrated to OSX, in favor of Cinema4D, I still believe 3ds max has the edge considering the large community around it writing scripts, plugins, extensions (not unlike AutoCAD, if you ask me).

The software is in Public beta, comes as an "exe" file to install it and will expire, when a new version is released.


  1. There is so many cool things people can do with 3D pictures.


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