LibAster Structural and Thermomechanical analysis in Python

Based on CodeAster, LibAster is an Open Source Python-library for structural and thermomechanical analysis. Using Python, it should be quite portable between platforms.

While this is not as user-friendly to get started, e.g. when comparing with full Desktop applications, having a library or command line tool makes it easier to connect into a workflow.

Right now, I would like to reach a point where I can launch energy, cost and structural analysis from BIM models, where, in addition, the generation of the BIM model would be generated parametrically. Translated into software names, this could mean something like steering a design from Grasshopper, transferring it into ArchiCAD or Revit or (preferably) IFC and launching different analysis calculations in parallel from there.


  1. Hi, may you share some code?
    would be nice to see that in action...

  2. I am only learning the stuff. Thus far, I have not been able to compile LibAster on my Mac. Python is there and after installing gfortran and hdf5, I can get about 80% of the modules to compile, but now another compilation problem arises.

  3. Hi,

    you can post your problem on the mailing list (

    You can also take a look at the forge and download the source code:


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