ArchiCAD 15 announced

Graphisoft announced the official release of ArchiCAD 15 this month.

The focus is on several aspects, but I'd like to focus on some particular improvements:
  • fully 64-bit now also on Mac OS (after the Windows and the BIM Server versions);
  • improved organic modeling with the new Shell tool;
  • additional better 3D modeling with Guide Lines in 3D and Work Planes, which opens up the hope to stay more in the 3D Window than in the past;
  • many improvements on the IFC level, which can only be applauded. IFC and Open information sharing is very important for the future of Design Collaboration.
There are other things, but not sure of they are all disclosed yet.

Beta testing

On a personal note, I have been a beta-tester for release 8 till 12, but have never found enough time afterwards. I had access to the documentation and early test versions, but since I don't have a hardware lock for releases after r12, I could not properly use newer releases (always in demo). Anyway, I do have mixed feelings (as I have with each new release):
  • some old standing problems are not tackled anymore (floor-wall connections, corner windows instabilities, incomplete rendering engine);
  • the former big new modeling tool (the Curtain wall) is still a very strange behaving ArchiCAD tool and does not follow modeling and manipulation paradigms of the other tools.


Anyway, when the educational version is released, I'll have to upgrade our classroom and our educational material again (sigh, I was just ready with the material for r14, which was a big step for us, as the local distributor was changed and we now have a proper Dutch/Flemish main library).

New releases are almost always "too soon" when you have to support it or teach it... but are welcomed as a user.