Evaluating an ArchiCAD model in Solibri

My newest tutorial video explains how to evaluate an ArchiCAD model with Solibri Model Checker, using IFC. It is quite long (over 50 minutes) and again in Dutch. It handles the main workflow and shows how to adjust some parts in the ArchiCAD model to have better results.

I'm interested in providing English translations, but that would fall outside of my teaching work so I need to find another way of supporting this effort. Would captions be an option? (still a LOT of work)

As always, everything is recorded using Screenflow on a Mac, but everything I show works exactly the same on the Windows versions of ArchiCAD and Solibri.


  1. I've tested adding captions and it takes a lot of time. First 5 minutes are done with Dutch captions, so I can export an SRT file, which I can translate in English and upload to the Youtube movie. But it takes a lot longer than actually recording. Maybe its quicker to overdub in English and post a new video. Still a lot of work...


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