DAZ 3D gives away their Pro software for free

In an unusual (or panic?) move, 3D software developer DAZ 3D gives away its three major content creation and rendering software for free for a limited time (29th of February 2012). These are unlimited and complete software applications, which used to be commercial before. All software is available for Windows and OSX.

Check http://www.daz3d.com

Which programs are available?

DAZ Studio Pro 4 (used to be $430)

This is a program to load, pose, animate and render 3D characters. You can load models (free and non-free content is available). One of the novel features is the "Genesis" character model, which can be adapted parametrically, so a single basic model can be tweaked and reshaped in different variations.

Character modeling is beyond the reach of the average 3D modeler, so being able to use a dedicated software might make it more feasible.

What's the catch? Well, most models, accessories, poses and bundles will not be free. E.g. the Victoria 5 bundle is about $150. Just to give you an idea.

Bryce Pro 7 (used to be $250)

Bryce has been an original, albeit alternative, program to create mostly fantasy landscapes. It changed ownership a few times, but is still around.

What's the catch? Additional content, materials, rendering options are not free.

Hexagon 2.5 (used to be $150)

This is a modeling application which can be used to create models, sculpt them into finer detail, set up the texturing layout and prepare them for rendering (which has to be done in external software).

What's the catch? Only till 29/2/2012.

So this is a good deal, but you have to take advantage of it quite soon.


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