Slingshot for Grasshopper

As a reader of the blog/tweets from Andrea Graziano, I was informed about "Slingshot". This is an approach to model and coordinate design information in different software environments. In this case, MySQL and Grasshopper are linked, which could be really useful when put in a wider perspective.

So far, I haven't dived too deep into Grasshopper, but there are reasons for that:

  • it's a moving target (it is still in continuous update mode);
  • it does not work in OSX. Booting Windows 7 in Parallels is feasible, but I'm avoiding it more and more;
  • it is disconnected from work done in BIM software (ArchiCAD in my case);
  • I don't see it perform into a complete design product, more like sub-parts of it.
  • I could be wrong.
At least, this shows that people are exploring ways to go beyond a single application/implementation.

Capturing design intent into a readable, reusable and explorable way is what really makes computing and software a part of the design process, rather than the representation process.