From tenlinks: Autodesk Offers UK BIM Survey Report

Apr 14 - Autodesk Offers UK BIM Survey Report

While reports on a topic such as BIM by Autodesk can seem not entirely neutral, it is interesting nonetheless to read how BIM is evolving and is getting more and more accepted as the way of working in the future. This time, more than 50% of people reported to be using BIM, which is quite high, when comparing to numbers I hear from local resellers in our Flemish region (where the number looks more like 15 to 20%).
"Over 100 delegates were surveyed at Autodesk BIM conferences in London, Munich and Milan towards the end of last year."
Well, speaking about statistics, if you are asking amongst people already interested and involved with BIM, this high number is to be expected.
"Interestingly, across all three, “resistance to change in culture” was cited as the biggest barrier to BIM adoption"
That is also logical. Changing old habits is hard and takes a long time.