Rhino SDK goes Open Source : OpenNURBS, RhinoCommon and RhinoPython

If you are interested in McNeel Rhino, than you might like the following announcement:
Rhino SDK goes open source (as read on http://blog.rhino3d.com/2011/01/rhino-sdk-goes-open-source.html)
While Rhino itself is a closed-source commercial application, the SDK are getting more open and provide flexible options to turn Rhino into your own customized CAD environment.

  • OpenNURBS is the toolkit to read and write native Rhino 3DM files. If you want to exchange NURBS-based models, this is a good possibility. It is not a 3D engine or a graphical system in itself, but can be used as a part of such an application.
  • RhinoCommon is the cross-platform SDK to extend Rhino. This allows you to extend the Rhino software with new features.
  • RhinoPython is a Python scripting support layer to extend Rhino with Python scripts. It is quite similar as the older RhinoScript layer, which uses VBscript, but this Python layer does work on OSX as well.
  • and then there is the .NET UI, Windows.Forms and MonoMac stuff, which gives hope that someday, Grasshopper will run on the OSX version of Rhino. I am waiting patiently for it, as running Rhino in Parallels is not an optimal solution when you do anything "for real".