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Archmedium Design Competition

While I don't usually blog about events, sometimes people just ask, politely, if their event can be announced on the blog. If you think it is inappropriate, please tell me...

To the responsible of CAD & 3D,

My name is Guillermo Carone and I’m getting in touch with you as the responsible of the architecture website www.archmedium.comArchMedium is a venture dedicated to the organization of architecture competitions for students with the collaboration of the Polytechnic University of Catalunya and the Architecture School of Barcelona.  Our goal is to offer future architects the opportunity to get familiar with these kind of events and create at the same time an international meeting point were students from different countries and cultures can show their projects, enriching the learning process of all the community.
We have recently launched a new competition called “New York Theater City” and we will like to ask for your collaboration in promoting the event.
We believe that this event can be of great interest for a good part of your public and we will be very thankful if you could show your support by publishing a post, link, or any other way of promotion that you may think of.
This is a very resumed summary of the contest rules, prizes and jury. We gladly invite you to visit our website to find all the details of the contest (complete rules, pictures, drawings, etc.)


New York is, without a doubt, one of the main contemporary capitals of the world. Nowadays, Broadway has become a tourist attraction that brings people from all over the world. It is very hard to find new plays in Broadway authentic theatres, and it’s shows are basically based in the British musical theatre and have famous Hollywood stars in the main roles just to captivate the audience. 
ArchMedium wants to propose the design of the New York Theatre City It is an urban theatre campus where smaller companies can dispose of rehearsal spaces, and the new spectacles can show themselves to the world offering an always young, new and different cultural activity.


•President of the jury Willy Müller
•Projects Josep Ferrando
•Architect especialist in NY María Rubert
•Architect especialist in theatres Antoni Ramón 
•Architect and Director of “ESMUC” Pau Monterde

1st Prize 

2500 Euros. Project publication on “WA”+”TC Cuadernos” + “Future magazine”. One-year subscription to ON Diseño magazine. Exposition at the Architecture School of Barcelona ETSAB/UP and  Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires.

2nd Prize 

1000 Euros.  Project publication on TC Cuadernos magazine. One-year subscription to ON Diseño magazine. Exposition at the Architecture School of Barcelona ETSAB/UPC and Buenos Aires.

3rd Prize 

500 Euros.  Project publication on “WA”+”TC Cuadernos” + “Future magazine”.. One year subscription to ON Diseño magazine Exposition at the Architecture School of Barcelona ETSAB/UPC and and Buenos Aires.

10 Honorable mentions 

Project publication on “WA”+”TC Cuadernos” + “Future magazine”.  Exposition at the Architecture School of Barcelona ETSAB/UPC and Buenos Aires

Thank you in advance for your time and please don’t hesitate in answering to this e-mail if you have any comment, doubt or feedback.
Guillermo Carone.


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