VectorWorks for students

If you register (and qualify as as student) at you can download and activate VectorWorks as an educational version.
  • The student version is always the "previous" version. Will very soon be r2010 when r2011 is released. Now only r2009 is available. (edit: according to the comments, it seems that the most recent 2011 version should be available for students soon)
  • It is free and available for OSX and Windows.
  • The student version has a visible banner on all output. When your school has a lab-license, this allows you to print without banners.
  • The software is fully functional and additional modules such as RenderWorks are included.
The software has come a long way since the old "MiniCAD" I used in architectural practice. But despite that, I'm not still not fully convinced on the 3D interface. But even then, I did create some very usable 3D scenes even with the "first" VectorWorks version, so it can only be better than what it was.

What I still don't get is in how far this really is "2D, 3D & BIM" whenever you want. It does not go as far as ArchiCAD or Revit on the BIM side, but it gets closer with every release.