BricsCAD for Linux now officially released

The Bricsys team now officially announced the availability of BricsCAD for Linux. This is a native Linux version, using wxWidgets toolkit to get a native Linux GUI and using to a large extent identical code as the Windows-version of BricsCAD.

There aren't many options for DWG editing on Linux so this is a really welcomed addition to CAD on Linux. A large part of BricsCAD is available (programming in Lisp, Diesel, making add-ons in C++, modeling in 2D and 3D, etc...) but some features are just too connected to the Windows-platform (VBA and .NET scripting, OLE, ActiveX controls etc...).

It is closed-source and commercial, but at a highly attractive price compared to AutoCAD.

I've seen the presentations on the Developers Conference in Ghent this year and they explained their attention to quality control and stability and also how the Lisp Engine is much more performing than on Windows.

If anybody has any experience with the Linux version, please react. How responsive is it with large 3D models with solids etc...

And for students, it should be available for free (at least the Standard/classic version).