GECO : Grasshopper to Ecotect

A free plugin for Rhino and Grasshopper allows the exchange of Grasshopper-powered Rhino models with Autodesk Ecotect, an energy and building performance analysis software, targeted at early design evaluation.
Read about it on:

When going over to the actual blog where the software is shared ( you can read that the software is shared with a Creative Commons license (CC-NC-BY-SA). So free to use and share, but only non-commercial and shared under the same license.


  1. hey stefan,
    i'm so surprised by your page and GECO...please tell me how could i download Geco on my grasshooper?


    There you can download the plugin. Ensure you download the right version for your Grasshopper release.


    This is the actual Google page with the files to download. Geco is a time-limited free version (till 1 July 2011) so be fast ;)


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