Free video tutorials for Rhino & Digital Project

This is a nice collection of video tutorials for Rhinoceros3D and for Digital Project.

As much as I like to create our CAAD tutorials myself, there is only so much time and I have realized that it is worthwhile to focus on the topics that you know best and only create new tutorials when needed:

  • When you want to have the foundation level clear for your classes.
  • When you focus on a particular subject, e.g. how to go from Application X to Application Z to get to a particular result

Most other themes and topics are adequately explained in the product documentation, help files, online tutorials and, not to underestimate, have already been created by other teachers.

So I tend to link more to external educational content and do not have any objection that other people link to our course material. But to be fair, ensure that you link to the content rather than copy it verbatim. That is the only correct way of paying tribute to the content authors.


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