Half-Life 2 on Mac

Sure, the game is old... It was released in 1998. It was really successful (won about every award imaginable). I bought it about six or seven years later, really cheap. And did manage to install it on my older PC and on my iMac in 2008, running Vista. But then again, I never really got around to play it through.

I read about the Steam platform being ported to Mac OSX and also about one of their games given away for free temporarily: Portal.

Nice. And it ran on my Macbook Pro. But sure, never really got into it.

And then, more than 10 years after the game was launched, Half-Life 2 became available. And in a really nice attempt to please Mac users, I was eligible to freely install it on my Mac, as I bought the PC game.

The "official page" is probably http://store.steampowered.com/app/220/, but there are millions of other pages dedicated to this game.

Funny thing, the last time I really liked a game, it must have been Tomb Raider (at least, the first three or four of the series) and more recently Max Payne and Trackmania. I haven't played much otherwise. So I'm curious if I'll even get to play through HL2 at all.

As an architectural researcher on CAD and 3D, I was overwhelmed with the HL2 mod for the Kauffmann house (architect: Frank Lloyd Wright), aka "Falling Water". This was nicely re-created for the HL2 game engine:

Initially, to play it on Mac hardware, you had to either use Parallels or VMWare (or Crossover or Wine or VirtualBox or...) or dual-boot with Boot camp.

E.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6v6knSCXMQM

But now I can finally run it natively on my MBPro (and still suck at playing the game, probably).