Aviary suite of online editing tools

If you want to create graphics, audio, music, but do not want to buy different applications or just want to try something (since your main work does not require it) you can try some of the offerings from Aviary.

They have several tools (all made with Adobe Flash):
  • Phoenix Image Editor (including layers, selections and FX)
  • Talon Screen Capture (capture image from an URL, also available as browser extensions for FireFox and Chrome)
  • Raven Vector Editor (like a very lite version of Illustrator or Inkshape)
  • Peacock Effects Editor (like the filter browser in Photoshop, but with a node-based UI for chaining FX together)
  • Music Creator (more like a MIDI loop editor, such as Cubase or Live - toggle notes on a sequencer grid)
  • Myna Audio Editor (something like Garageband or ACID or Live - drag and drop audio loops on a timeline with different tracks)
  • Falcon Image Markup (make notes on images, using circles, text and notes)
  • Toucan Color Editor (palette and gradient creation).
A nice touch: all of them can be freely used and the tools can be combined. You need Flash, so not for the iPad/iPhone ;)