New Photoshop CS5 Context-Aware Fill ... and Gimp as well

The new upcoming release of the Adobe CS5 Suite is getting a lot of attention these days. One of the directly appealing features in the Photoshop must be the context-aware fill and eraser.

This tool will remove a selection of paint over with samples from the region around it. However, when compared to the existing Spot healing brush, this new version is a lot smarter, as it uses several samples which are merged.

However, it seems that you can get a long way using a GIMP "resynthesizer"-plugin as well.

For completeness, the following article displays both the (nice) Adobe video demonstration and a recreation of the same procedures using GIMP. Photo-editing is getting better and better.

Painting out complex items while respecting the rest of the image was never that easy and it will not be perfect with this system either, but it will get you most of the way into perfection. Now you can remove unwanted passengers from your snapshots, remove really annoying scratches and dust or complete the parts of a panoramic image which weren't there in the first place.


  1. You should be aware that Gimp's Resynth plugin exists for much longer than the new Photoshop feature, and performs even better in some cases.


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