Example of a parametric stair with Processing

In one of my classes, I showed my students a simple Processing example, where an older exercise from AutoCAD was recreated using the Java-based Processing, an Open Source, cross-platform programming environment for designers, web developers or media artists.

In the example, you can navigate around (a bit) using the following shortcuts:
  • Navigate with the mouse: LMB: orbit, MMB: pan, RMB: zoom
  • Navigate with arrows: orbit
  • Toggle the display of objects: x:axis, g:grid, 2:2D, 3:3D
  • Modify some parameters: a/A:aantrede (thread), o/O:optrede (riser), b/B:breedte (width), t/T: amount of threads

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Source code: trapsimpel draw navigatie parametrisatie trap trede
Built with Processing