Add iOS and Android license to Unity3D for free

In a surprising but understandable move, you can temporarily register for a free (basic) license for Unity3D and add the iOS and Android Basic licenses without cost.

While the Pro version of Unity3D and the additional licenses of the mobile addons are still about $1500 each, the creation of smartphone and tablet apps has finally been more accessible than ever.

For Android apps you need only the additional Java and Android SDK, but it runs on Windows and OSX. Linux is supported for these SDKs but not Unity3D (yet?).

For iOS apps (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch), you need a Mac with OSX and an Intel CPU. While you can prototype a full app and remote control it using your iDevice, you need a non-free iOS developer license, which is $99/year for individual developers.

What's the catch? This offer is only till 8th of April and the basic versions lack some of the features of the pro versions, but they are very complete and can be used commercially!

Choose your license (and currency format)...

Check it out at the Unity3D Store.

So, what do you plan to develop? I'm looking at getting interactive architectural models from ArchiCAD, passing by Cinema4D and into Unity3D to end up on the iPhone or on a web page.
$0.00 on the Unity Store receipt page


  1. Did you ever have time to test this out? I love the concept of architects taking advantage of the gaming industry's advances.

  2. I did a few tests, but I have to hurry, cause the update to Unity 4 will disable these add-ons (unless I update them as well, at a cost).

    So far, I had the best results by using the Cinema4D Exchange add-on to load an ArchiCAD model inside Cinema4D and then translating that into FBX for use in Unity.

    But I will need to split the model in pieces, so I can manage them separately inside Unity, e.g. to toggle visibility of parts of the model. I will look at it again in a few weeks, when preparing the classes for unity.


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