Tekla Bimsight

Tekla released a free BIM software that you can use to load and inspect BIM models, in IFC, DWG and DGN formats. This indicates that it is not strictly BIM, but as you can do clash checking and inspect models, this seems a nice tool. They claim that you can use it to combine models from different disciplines and assist with information sharing.

It is only available for Windows.



  1. "This indicates that it is not strictly BIM", what do you mean by that?

  2. I mean that by allowing many different formats, this software is more generic than purely BIM. It loads DWG and DGN files and allows them to be added to the same project. The video overviews on the site indicate this: "clip planes", "saved views", "add notes", "search and zoom to objects".

    This indicates that it is primarily a CAD file viewer, but with support for BIM models.

    I think it is an interesting software, but as it is Windows-only, it is a hassle to use it in OSX.

  3. Your statement: "..by allowing many different formats, this software is more generic than purely BIM" doesn't really make any sense either. What would you determine is 'strictly BIM'? My understanding is that BIM is the process of combining models from different disciplines in order to extract information or resolve potential on site issues. Is't that exactly what Tekla BIMsight does?

  4. I'd be interested in your definition of BIM

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  6. From my point-of-view, Tekla is a model viewer, supporting BIM files. It seems to fit into a BIM work flow and we might be using it in the near future, in a project evolving around communicating project information using BIM.

    Why I don't see this as a strictly BIM viewer (but I might be wrong) is that the functionality seems to revolve around generic viewing and not specific BIM-functionality... Let me explain: is it possible to define queries based on building semantics (e.g. filter columns on the second floor that are at least 2 m high).

    So far, it seems to allow adding some notes, toggling visibility of objects (by layer? by function? by custom properties?).

    I would like to understand more fully in how far you can extract information and do something with it? E.g. generate a listing?

    Right now, to do such things, you need specialized BIM software (e.g. ArchiCAD, Revit, Solibri Model Checker) which can really help you dive into the model.

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