Some freebies for video from Zach Poff

If you work with video, from webcams, video cameras or rendered, there are several complex manipulations that can be made a bit easier with some of the free utilities for realtime video editing. The website of artist and developer Zach Poff has some free applications for download. They are Open Source, but are made in MAX/MSP, which is the commercial counterpart of Puredata. And the applications are only compiled for Mac OSX.

Some of the things he presents:
  • Live Video Delay: view your video frames with a delay
  • Chroma Key Live: see a rough estimate of the effect of filming against green (or blue or purple) screen, live
  • Multiscreener: synchronize the playback of movies on different computers
  • Video Trigger: trigger sounds when something happens on certain parts of a video capture
  • ...

Some of these functionality could be done in other systems, obviously, but having it in a precompiled utility will make it easier if one of his programs already does what you need. E.g. video installation reacting in realtime to visitors.