3D STL output from SketchUp

A free (for non-commercial usage) plugin for SketchUp to assist with the delivery of proper meshes for output to a 3D printer. It has some additional new tools for SketchUp too.

Currently available for Windows (SKUP 6+7) and OSX (SKUP 7).



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  2. There is also a free Ruby script which can export STL models from SketchUp and also import them.


    When you open the source, it seems that the code is "mangled/hashed".

    Starts with
    eval %q{IyBDb3B5cmlnaHQgMjAw...

    and ends with

    However, is it not encrypted, thus it can be reconstructed using the Ruby console. I've replaced the "eval" function at the beginning with "print" and enclosed the full text of the document with () to display the full code on the Ruby console inside SketchUp.

    print ( %q{...
    =}.unpack("m").to_s )

    If you now load the script (load "su2stl.rb") it'll display the full code in the console. With a simple copy and paste you can place the real code in a text document. I don't think this is anything illegal. Just a bit tricky.

    If you have Ruby installed (e.g. in Linux or OSX), just make the change to the text document and execute it in a command prompt (e.g. bash):

    ruby su2stl.rb > su2stl-txt.rb

    This will write the text into a non-mangled readable format.


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