Open Source CAD Applications

There are different Open Source CAD applications, which might be worth to keep an eye on. Some of them are actively being developed, but not fully usable yet.

  • wildcat full CAD system, using MCAD concepts, but in early development (no end-user application yet)

  • CADEMIA 2D generic CAD in Java, an academic research project

  • thancad 2D CAD for engineers, using Python

  • PythonCAD 2D CAD in Python

  • JCad 2D CAD in Java

  • QCad 2D CAD in C++

  • Archimedes 2D AutoCAD-clone

  • FreeCAD 3D MCAD in C++ (feature based parametric modeler)

  • B-processor Building Information Modeling in Java, an academic research project

  • BRL-CAD general Solid Modeling and Raytracing by the US Army

Most of them are cross-platform. Some of them exist in a free (and Open) community edition and commercial add-ons. But it might be an approach to build further on an existing toolset.