Free ArchiCAD 11 Educational Version

With the new release of ArchiCAD 11, the student version is still freely available. Register at for a temporary serial number. After about a month, you should be contacted by the local reseller for a final serial number for the rest of the year.

The software is available for Windows and Mac (Intel and PPC) and is fully compatible with the commercial release (libraries, updates, add-ons). It displays a watermark on the viewport, plotted files and exported PDFs, but is fully functional.

Commercial users might want to look at the BIM Experience Kit, which contains a 30-day fully functional trial version and tutorials and examples.


  1. Very very interesting blog.
    I'm searching too for a cad and 3d software opensource and your blog is very useful.
    Today i find this one:


    Hi Andrea

  2. HYCAD doesn't display much information... The screenshots show the UI but nothing more. It might as well be a mockup or an empty program.

    I haven't tried it, so I can not judge it.

  3. i,ve try it and it's a very complete 2d cad with an autocad alike interface. I don't understand if it,s freeware for commercial use or not.
    It's the most complete free cad i've never try.
    The only truble is that there is no dwg format import and export.
    Great blog


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